About EYE Lighting International

EYE Lighting International is a leading provider of lighting products with more than 25 years of innovation in lighting technology. EYE Lighting manufactures technically superior products featuring solid-state LED luminaires, High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps and Controls. The products are specified by lighting designers, utilities, municipalities, lighting management and energy service companies, and are used in commercial and industrial applications and for sports and infrastructure lighting.  EYE Lighting’s products provide superior quality, reliability, excellent color rendering and long-life. Every day satisfied customers use EYE-brand products to reduce energy use, reduce maintenance, and meet their sustainability goals. 

Our factory in Mentor, Ohio (just east of Cleveland) is one of the few remaining facilities in North America to make traditional lighting for utilities and municipalities and specialty applications. We are ISO certified for our Business, Quality, Environmental, and Health and Safety. Our NVLAP test lab is also ISO accredited, one of only a couple dozen in the country. We have maintained our traditional business of HID through a special technology and collaboration with key customer segments, while making the transition to Solid State Lighting. Energy-savings has been a significant customer deliverable the last several years.  So our factory is split into high-tech and old-tech across one talented workforce. Every person on the floor changes to another job at least once per day, giving us maximum flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions.

EYE Lighting is best known for meeting the customers’ demanding specifications and needs. Where most lighting manufacturers focus on high-run, standard products, EYE Lighting’s customers know they have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy their unique applications.

EYE Lighting • True Lighting™

True Lighting™ gives credence to our engineering and R&D capability and our ability to design and manufacture lamps and luminaires that meet and exceed all the requirements for a customer’s specific application, whatever those requirements may be.

It supports our claim to offer high-performance, high-value lighting options – lamps that deliver high efficacy over their long life, excellent color rendering and application-specific form factors and luminaires with superior optical performance that effectively deliver light on task. However, it also recognizes that sometimes “true lighting” may be one that is extremely price-competitive for an application that does not necessarily require other performance attributes. In other words, sometimes our low-cost lighting solutions can be the right light for an application.

“True Lighting” suggests our willingness to work with our customers to find the truest, most effective lighting solution… whether it’s helping them through the process of creating the right specifications for their application, or developing custom solutions. It sums up our company, our products and our brand, because EYE Lighting gives you True Lighting.

Our Principles

EYE Lighting subscribes to four operating principles:

Customer Centric: We place the customer at the center-point of our business

Process Improvement: We strive to continuously improve all our processes

Financial Focus: We focus on financial metrics to sustain our company growth

Talent Development: We develop and enhance the skill-set of our employees

Our Quality Process: Driven by the tradition of quality prescribed by its parent company, EYE Lighting nurtures a culture of quality throughout the organization. The US Company has three ISO certifications and one ISO accreditation.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management

OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Information

ISO 17025: 2005 Laboratory Test and Measurement Accreditation NVLAP Lab Code 200783-0

In addition to compliance to ISO Standards, EYE Lighting is also approved to carry out various test procedures in accordance with CIE, ANSI and IES…, particularly IES LM-79 Photometric Measurements of Solid-State [LED] Lighting Products.

Our Parent Company

Our Parent Company: Founded in 1944 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd, is a global leader in lighting products and industrial equipment --- specializing in lamps, luminaires and specialty optics for the commercial/retail, industrial, roadway, infrastructure, horticulture, and automotive, and solar materials testing markets. The company prides itself on its unique technology, products and systems, and is focused on leading-edge light technologies centered around HID lamps and LEDs.

Our Business Principles: At EYE Lighting International our Customer is at the center of all we do. We serve our customers by the Key Drivers of the business, developed from a Strategic Analysis of our commitment to the needs of our industry. EYE Lighting’s philosophy is to be:

  1. Customer Centric in all we do. Our customers are at the center of our business. They help us drive innovation in our technologies. 
  2. Process Improvement is a daily goal. Measured by benchmarks in our engineering and manufacturing. 
  3. Financial Focus is a core philosophy that enables EYE Lighting to operate on sound financial principles for growth and in providing customer value. 
  4. Opportunities for Talent Development is our employee philosophy. We encourage and enable participation in our business from our people, who are the foundation of our success and the value add we provide our customers.


True Lighting™

EYE Lighting International of North America manufactures best-in-class illumination technology including High Intensity Discharge lamps, lighting fixtures and lighting system solutions. Our relentless pursuit to bring to market the most advanced, sustainable lighting products is evidenced by the dedication of all of our associates.

As a world class organization of lighting professionals committed to superior technology, R & D and complete customer satisfaction. Our promise is to bring sustainable True Lighting™ to the world.

With the full backing of our parent, Iwasaki Electric of Japan, reach and resources enable us to achieve your lighting and sustainability goals to create a more secure society.

We invite you to join us in our unyielding commitment to design and develop the most advanced illumination technology for our Community, Our Country and Our World.

Achieving reduced energy consumption and longer lamp life, while delivering better visibility with "Pure White™ light", EYE Lighting International . . . delivers True Lighting . . . into the darkest corners.