HORTILUX™ Horticultural Lighting

Lighting technologies serving a wide array of needs for the home hobby and professional horticulture industry

EYE Lighting International offers a full line of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide Lamps (MHL), as well unique configurations in conversion and ballast applications serving a wide array of needs for the horticulture industry. Our strategic vision is to deliver the highest quality grow lamps that produce superior artificial light for indoor vegetative plant growth.

Our high value offering provides numerous benefits to the horticulture industry including increased yields, earlier flowering and faster root growth. All of this is accomplished with energy and cost savings in mind. EYE Lighting’s superior technologies have been integrated into a vast array of applications including the home hobbyist, biotechnology, universities and educational programs.

Our focus on high energy, full-spectrum lighting helps growers to maximize their yield with a wide variety of lamp types to choose for every stage of the growing cycle.

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