Post Tops

Post Top Lighting

Post Top luminaires effectively focus light onto the task while reducing unwanted glare and light spill behind the pole. These energy efficient lighting solutions enhance visibility and lighting uniformity.  They are ideal for parking areas, residential streets and public roadways, parks and recreational spaces, hotels, resorts, and campuses. 

  • kiaroLED Post Top

    The kíaroLED Post Top is designed for easy retrofit of 70 watt to 250 watt HID post tops. kíaroLED is a stylish LED upgrade choice for streets, roadways, parks, walkways, gardens, commercial areas, and office and college campuses.

  • Refractive Globe

    EYE Lighting offers a large and small refractive globe series in Type III and V distributions. These post top luminaires are ideal for street lighting, college/university, business and medical campuses, parks, and walkways. The high vertical footcandle levels provide a safe and secure environment for pedestrians.

  • LEDioc Retrofit

    The Perfect Choice for Retrofitting post top decorative luminaires The LEDioc™ brand of LED retrofit solutions is designed for simple and easy field retrofit from an HID to LED light source.