High Pressure Sodium

Long life. Reduced Costs. Better Light.

EYE Lighting offers a complete family of High Pressure Sodium lamps that meet the demand for high lumen output and long life. The standard Sunlux family performance and durability is unrivaled in the industry. Our EN products meet EPA TCLP standards, making them among the most environmentally friendly HPS products on the market. And, Ignitron, a self-starting HPS system, offers one of the longest life HPS systems in the industry. EYE Lighting’s commitment to quality means outstanding value and reliable performance.

  • Sunlux-Standard HPS

    Sunlux is a complete family of economical High Pressure Sodium lamps for all HPS applications, or conversion from Mercury or Metal Halide systems.

  • Sunlux EN-TCLP Compliant HPS

    Environmentally friendly Sunlux EN High Pressure Sodium lamps deliver the economy and long life you expect in an HPS system.

  • Ignitron EN-HPS with Internal Ignitor

    The industry’s premier HPS Lamp… the only lamp with our patented FEC internal ignitor. Ignitron lamps lower maintenance costs while delivering better light and longer life.

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