Metal Halide

Raising the bar for lamp performance

EYE Lighting Metal Halide and Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps set the standard for quality and performance in initial and maintained lumens – up to 40% higher lumen maintenance than standard universal Metal Halide lamps. They reduce maintenance costs by delivering long usable life. Quality manufacturing processes include critical-to-performance arc tube materials and electrodes, unique chemical dosing, and a nickel-plated base that will not seize in the socket.

  • Pulse Start

    Higher initial lumens, higher maintained lumens, long life and energy savings over both standard Metal Halide lamps and fluorescent systems. Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps from EYE Lighting.

  • Probe Start

    Exceptional color consistency, high initial lumens, high maintained lumens, and long life satisfy a wide variety of existing applications. Probe Start Metal Halide lamps from EYE Lighting.

  • Specialty Lamps

    EYE Lighting features a unique selection of specialty Metal Halide lamps: High color rendering, unique envelopes and extreme color temperature lamps for non-traditional applications. Specialty Metal Halide lamps from EYE Lighting.

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