Lambda LED High Bay

Sleek, Architectural Design & Superior Thermal Management

The EYE Lighting Lambda High Bay is an LED luminaire designed to replace 400W HID. The Lambda features a die-cast magnesium alloy main housing with an extruded aluminum driver housing. The uniquely shaped housing design separates the driver compartment from the high power 80 CRI COB array for superior thermal management. A new Glow Ring accessory adds a decorative look while providing 5.5% uplight to eliminate the cave effect.

The hands-free wiring compartment makes installation quick and easy as a removable die-cast aluminum cap provides easy access to wiring. New remote mount step down transformer accessories provide a solution for 347 or 480 volt installations. Lower light levels can be achieved with our new easy-to-install dimming resistor packages. The Lambda is suitable for -30°C to 45°C ambient conditions and delivers an average of 24,000 lumens at 215 watts - making it a smart and cost-effective alternative to 400W HID. Wide beam optics, combined with high efficacy, make it the perfect solution for high-end retail, gymnasiums and warehouses.


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