Upgrade your 70W to 250W HID lighting with easy-to-install LEDioc® LED Retrofit

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Municipalities, organizations and universities are upgrading to LED lighting in order to take advantage of the lower energy usage and lower costs. In the process they try to balance the need for upgrading from Metal Halide or HPS and keeping the historical or architectural style of their existing post top luminaires. These energy-saving measures are paying off in total lower costs and beautiful lighting.

LEDioc® helps you save installation time, especially when you have numerous fixtures to retrofit.

People feel more secure with areas lit by LEDioc. You will see energy savings immediately with a total lower cost of ownership.

The versatile LEDioc® is designed for fast field retrofit from an HID to LED light source in decorative post-top luminaires. Installation is easy and lamp Light Center Length is maintained, preserving the optics and photometric performance of the existing luminaire.


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