New Products from EYE Lighting

EYE Lighting is a leader in high-output outdoor lighting

Here are the new products that EYE Lighting is now offering.

  • The Blitz is great for Flood Lighting Applications

    The Blitz LED floodlights are the perfect replacement for 400W and 1,000W HID floodlight systems.The cast aluminum housing and driver compartment ensure superior thermal management.

  • EYELITE BWP Traditional Wallpack

    The traditional housing with prismatic glass lens provides improved illumination to areas using less energy with LEDs, while matching the existing footprint of the old unit:  56W, 93W and 160W models.

  • EYELITE CBR Classic Bollard Round

    The classic domed round bollard, a 20W LED model offers energy savings in providing pleasant illumination for pathways of commercial buildings, parks and other outdoor venues.

  • EYELITE CWP Classic Wallpack

    Classic thermal fins draws heat away from LEDs to provide many  years of service for a broad range of projects in buidling perimeters and entrances. Mount options provided added flexibility for specific lighting demands:  30W, 60W and 80W models.

  • EYELITE Deluxe Area Light

    The EYELITE Deluxe Area Light is a high powered LED luminaire designed to replace 250W, 400W, and 750W HID. The architectural IP65 rated  one-piece aluminum casting provides superior thermal management for long LED life.

  • EYELITE FD Deluxe Flood

    Chic curves and LED technology are combined to deliver efficient illumination through elegant styling. The Deluxe floodlight is available in narrow and wide distribution beams: 40W, 78W, 100W and 135W

  • EYELITE Industrial Dock Light

    This LED fixture is an essential lighting luminaire at dock bays to illuminate shipping and receiving operations.  The LED models provide substantial energy savings compared to conventional fixtures:  18W, 42" or 60" arm mount options.

  • EYELITE PF Heavy Duty Flood

    Powerful floodlight beams brighten a wide range of commercial and industrial outdoor space.  The PF Series LED luminaires offer heavy duty, long-lasting performance.

  • EYELITE Canopy Light

    General purpose canopy provides pleasing area illumination from the overhead surface mount.  Suitable for entryways of commercial facilities as well as gasoline fueling station lighting: 33W and 58W

  • Theta High Bay can even be used in Flood Lighting Applications
    EYELITE Theta High Bay

    The Theta High Bay is an LED luminaire designed to replace 400W HID. The IP66 rated aluminum housing design provides superior thermal management for longer LED life.

  • EYELITE Deluxe WPD Wallpack

    Elegant styling and calibrated aiming offers flexibility in aiming light beam 3L to 11L (28W to 100W) for efficient years of illumination in building perimeters and entryways: 28W, 50W, 76W and 100W

  • Global Roadway is ideal for Cobra Head Lighitng Applications
    GR Series Streetlight

    The GR Series Streetlight is an LED luminaire designed to replace 100-125W HID. The unique housing design features tool-less entry and a 7-pin NEMA photocell receptacle for optional wireless control.

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