Photoelectric Controls

Controls for LED, HID & Induction Lighting

EYE Lighting proudly introduces its outstanding family of Lighting Control Systems, standard and LONG LIFE Locking Type Photoelectric Controls. Although, Photocontrols are not new to the industry, EYE has designed in performance features that make these the best photocontrols with the longest life available.

Circuitry is designed to protect against surges, especially important with today’s electronic-driven luminaires, with higher-quality components, particularly a sealed relay with very large silver contacts, FET drive and high-voltage rated capacitors. Mechanically, our housing is one of the thickest in the industry, helping to fend against Mother Nature and her creatures. The base is permanently sealed to the cover, eliminating the chance for moisture intrusion. With a wide variety of sensitivity, color and electrical options available, the EYE Photocontrol family offers maximum flexibility to outperform its competitors in virtually every outdoor lighting application, year after reliable year!

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