EYE Lighting Wireless Control System

Total Control for Your Lighting System

EYE Lighting LED luminaires are enabled with wireless control technology.  Its innovative LEDioc®  with a 7-pin NEMA receptacle is a patented LED post-top retrofit designed for operation in a wireless mesh network. The EYE Lighting wireless control system is suitable for a broad range of outdoor and some indoor applications allowing a facility owner or site manager to optimize energy savings, enhance lighting asset management and improve maintenance and repair operations. The basic system is comprised of the gateway and luminaire controllers and the software interface to manage the lighting network.

  • No internet connection required
  • Simple to commission and easy to use
  • Remotely configure,
    monitor & manage
  • Upgrades to the system software are included
  • Security with AES military type encryptions, unique MAC addresses netID, and password layers
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz self-healing mesh controls for outdoor or indoor networks up to 1000 nodes

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