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Aphos LED Fixtures and LEDioc Replacement Lamps Key to Cost-Effective Renovation

Cleveland RTA Stations More Inviting, Safe & Secure

The Cleveland, Ohio transit system started in 1818 with a stagecoach. In 1884, the city boasted the first commercial electric railway in the United States. Today, the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority has 50 million riders each year, covers 500 square miles, and serves 38 cities in the metro area.

Knowing that growth and success depends on their riders’ commuting experience, the RTA invests heavily in improving their busses, train cars and stations. One of the rail lines- the Water Front Line- which serves the Cleveland Browns football stadium and other downtown venues, was due for renovation in 2013. Among the planned improvements was the lighting for all five stations on the line. The old fluorescent and metal halide lighting had been in place for 19 years, and was difficult to maintain.

It is important to the RTA to work with local suppliers, and EYE Lighting turned out to be the ideal partner with its Aphos and LEDioc LED product lines. “EYE Lighting was involved from the start of the renovation project, and really helped us select the right lighting solution for both the buildings and the platforms,” said Matt Marotta, RTA Project Manager. “The EYE team was more than helpful and highly professional, and we completed the job on time and under budget. The Aphos fixtures look great and deliver excellent light levels; our riders are telling us they like the new environment and feel more safe and secure
in our stations. The LEDioc replacement lamps perform great as well, and were the perfect solution for upgrading the existing post-tops.” The Water Front Line renovation project was a win-win for the RTA maintenance budget. “We will save thousands every year now that lighting maintenance on this line is virtually a non-issue, and the energy savings with EYE LED products is a bonus,” said Marotta.

“The Aphos fixtures look great and deliver excellent light levels; our riders are telling us they like the new environment and feel more safe and secure in our stations. ” - Matt Marotta; Cleveland, OH RTA Project Manager

Project installation was handled by the Millstone Management Group of Cleveland. “EYE Lighting was instrumental in the success of the RTA renovation,” said Chris Huntley, Vice President of Millstone. “After our quality assurance review, we had a few special manufacturing requests to streamline installation and the EYE response and follow-through was extraordinary. They reviewed the product with our installers, made project-specific changes, and delivered on schedule. The time they put in on the front end made our job easy. The new lighting looks great, and I look forward to working with EYE Lighting again.”
Matt Marotta of the RTA concluded, “The renovation of the Water Front Line was a success. The new lighting is excellent, and we look forward to working with EYE again as we continue to upgrade and renovate stations on other RTA lines.”

You can check out more information and benefits of Aphos Luminaires and LEDioc Retrofit Kits here.

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Station Old Lighting
EYE LED Retrofit Solution (# of units)
Energy Savings
Settlers 250W MH
75W Aphos LED (12)  74.6%
Flats 400W MH
105W Aphos LED (8) 77%
 West 3rd
32W T8 Flourescent
75W Aphos LED (36)70%
 West 3rd (Post Tops)  175W MH 41W LEDioc LED Lamps (28)  79%
 North Coast 32W T8 Flourescent 75W Aphos LED (40)  69%
 North Coast (Post Tops) 175W MH   41W LEDioc LED Lamps (13) 79%
 South Harbor  175W MH  75W Aphos LED (7)  62%
 South Harbor  400W MH105W Aphos LED (8)   77%

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