Saving energy and reducing light trespass

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Saving Energy and Reducing Light Trespass at French Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant

With 24/7 operations, nighttime illumination was critical. The facility is now safer and easier to maintain at night.The water that goes back into French Creek is clean and safe. That’s the pledge North Ridgeville makes to its northern Ohio neighbors, because just a few miles downstream that water makes its way into Lake Erie.

Responsibility for keeping the city’s promise is the job of the French Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant which has served the Ohio communities of North Ridgeville, Avon and Sheffield since 1975. Millions are invested every year to maintain French Creek and keep current with technology and environmental standards.

In 2014, upgrades to French Creek included the outdoor lighting. “Our lights were old, and it was a struggle every year to maintain and replace the original fixtures and Mercury Vapor lamps,” says Lou Cover, Assistant Plant Superintendent. “We needed to renovate, and we were fortunate to find a partner in EYE Lighting to help us install just the right new lighting for our facility.”

The solution for French Creek was kíaroLED®, EYE Lighting’s family of luminaires for roadway and area lighting. The versatile kíaroLED offers customers a variety of illumination levels, color temperatures, controls, mounting options and accessories. And perhaps most importantly at the plant, kíaroLED helped to replace an antiquated Mercury Vapor system of 400W and 1000W luminaires. The upgrade saves upwards of 80-90% in energy costs.

kiaroLED: Intelligence-Precision-Style“Because waste water plants run 24/7, our operators must keep tabs on the tanks at night. I’ve received nothing but favorable comments from my team, and they say that now they can see what they’re doing,” said Cover.

“We needed to renovate, and we were fortunate to find a partner in EYE Lighting to help us install just the right new lighting for our facility.”- Lou Cover, Assistant Plant Superintendent French Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant

EYE Lighting also helped with neighbor relations. Since the French Creek plant was constructed, homes had been built close to the site. “For some time we had been getting calls from the community that our area lights were bothersome at night,” continued Cover. “Those calls have stopped. The new EYE lights have great cutoff, reduced glare, and provide light just where it’s needed on the grounds of the plant.”

The new LED lighting at French Creek was installed by Zenith Systems of Cleveland. “Everything went very well, the kíaroLED fixtures were easy to work with,” declared John Bartolovich of Zenith. “We had a few of the existing poles that were out of spec, but we worked closely with EYE to resolve the issue. The project was a success, and the city is happy with the result. We like the EYE Lighting product and their service, and we definitely would work with them again. They did a wonderful job.”

In this era of sustainability, North Ridgeville should be proud of its French Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant. The plant produces clean water, using less energy, eliminating light trespass, in a better work environment. Thanks to EYE Lighting and kíaroLED.

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