Abbreviations and Acronyms

Acronyms and abbreviations can be frustrating at times. Here are Abbreviations and Acronyms* common to the photometry lab & in lighting circles everywhere.

4E          Energy Efficient End-use Equipment  Here is an example of one of the abbreviations you'll come across in the lighting industry

A            Amperes

AB          Accreditation Body

AC          Alternating Current

AIST       Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)

APLAC   Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

CCT        Correlated Color Temperature

CEN        Comité Européen de Normalisation (European Committee for Standardization)

CIE          Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage (International Commission on Illumination)

CRI          Color Rendering Index

D              Directional (lamp)

D1            Directional (downlight)

DC           Direct Current

HCCT      High Correlated Color Temperature

Hz            Hertz (one frequency cycle per second)

IAC          Incandescent Alternating Current (lamp)

IANZ        International Accreditation New Zealand

IC             Interlaboratory Comparison

IDC          Incandescent Direct Current (lamp)

IEA          International Energy Agency

IEC          International Electrotechnical Commission

IES          Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

ILAC        International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

ISO         International Standards Organization

K             Kelvin

KOLAS   Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme

LED        Light Emitting Diode

lm           lumens

LPF        Low Power Factor (lamp)

MAP       Measurement Assurance Program (US)

NCAS     National Accreditation Service of Conformity Assessment (China)

NIST       National Institute of Standards and Technology (US)

NLTC      National Lighting Test Centre (China)

NMI         National Metrology Institute

NMIJ       National Metrology Institute of Japan

NVLAP   National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

OD          Omni-Directional

PRR        Participants Results Report

PT           Proficiency Testing

RP           Remote Phosphor (lamp)

SDPA      Standard Deviation for Proficiency Assessment

SSL         Solid State Lighting

TL            Tubular Linear (lamp)

USA         United States of America

VSL          Dutch Metrology Institute (The Netherlands)

W              Watt

Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E) International Energy Agency SSL Annex Task 2 and Task 3

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