R9 Color Rendering Value


Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a rating system that measures the accuracy of how well a light source reproduces the (total) color of an illuminated object. CRI is an average value based on R1 - R8. R9 is one of 6 saturated test colors not used in calculating CRI.

Since some percentage of the color Red can be found mixed into the various hues of most processed colors,the ability to accurately reproduce Red is key for accurately rendering colors of displayed objects. Lamps with highR9 values produce the most vivid colors.


The color of many items, including meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, can be adversely affected by the inaccurate rendering of the color red. If R9 is a concern for your application, EYE Lighting offers a solution.

EYE Cera Arc “Natural Red” sets the standard in rendering the color Red, offering the highest color rendering ratings of red in any Metal Halide or Ceramic Technology lamp in the industry. EYE Cera Arc “Natural Red” accurately brings out the true beauty and richness of red and other colors to create a vibrant display.  

  • High CRI f 92 coupled with enhanced red color creates brilliant, more accurate displays
  • Enhance greens, blues and whites with greater accuracy  
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